Impromptu in A-flat Minor by Liz Kohl

Impromptu in A-flat Minor by Liz Kohl


This piece is called, "Impromptu in A-Flat Minor: Music for Three Tragedies" and was composed by pianist Liz Kohl. Affected deeply by three separate mass shootings which occurred within months of each other in places of worship spanning different religions across the globe (Muslims, Christians, & Jews), Liz wrote this as a response to her sorrow over these tragedies. Please feel free to interpret and experience this piece personally and create your own narrative for the different sections and moods it aims to convey.

I would be honored to hear other musician's interpretations of this deeply personal and intensely emotional composition. (Also, please note that the sections in 'A-Flat Minor' are actually notated in F Minor with alterations)

This piece was premiered at Connections Concert: Percolation on July 28, 2019.

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