Spring, Snow & Vivaldi

Though we just had snow this weekend, I've been sensing that spring is slowly creeping into the air!  Even my daffodils are trying to fight through the snow to stay alive and announce that spring is almost here!  



So, I thought I would share a great piece by Antonio Vivaldi about this season:

Spring by Vivaldi (Itzak Perlman)

Vivaldi was an Italian composer who lived during the Baroque Era & wrote many pieces for stringed instruments - how many can you identify in this video?  Vivaldi had fiery, red hair and worked for a girls' orphanage, composing hundreds of pieces for these young women to perform.  He wrote a set of pieces about the seasons of the year - what do you notice about this piece, "Spring"?  What do you hear that reminds you of spring?

Musically Yours,

Miss Liz & Henrietta the Cat

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