Composer of the Week - Antonio Vivaldi!

As I left the sunny, delightful weather of the Bay Area this weekend, I was so happy to touch down at PDX yesterday to the rainy, fall weather of Portland that I know & love!  I felt it was only fitting to share one of the most famous pieces of classical music which loudly declares this seasonal change!

This week's Composer of the Week is:

Antonio Vivaldi


The Four Seasons - Autumn by Vivaldi

Some questions to think about while watching this video:

- What instruments do you notice?

- Does anyone's playing stand out to you?

- Is there one mood throughout the piece?

- How does the music sound like Autumn to you?

An Italian composer of the Baroque Era, Antonio Vivaldi is best known for hundreds of compositions for stringed instruments.  "The Four Seasons" is probably his best-known work.  One of my favorite things about Vivaldi is that he was a priest and wrote many of his compositions while working at an orphanage for girls.  How sweet that these young women had a resident composer whose works they got to learn and perform!

Musically Yours,

Miss Liz & Henrietta the Cat

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