Welcome Back!! Composer of the Week - Zoltán Kodály!

Fall Semester begins this week!

I've been eagerly preparing materials & setting up my studio to be ready for all of my students.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again and learning together!

My composer of the week is Hungarian Composer and Famous Musical Educator,

Zoltán Kodály!

   (Zoltán Kodály, playing with his children)


(Zoltán Kodály, playing with his children)

The Kodály Method is one of the best known and used methods of teaching music in the world!  In fact, a certain teacher by the name of Miss Liz uses many of its principles in her own teaching!
(especially rhythm syllables! 😉)
Kodály was something of a musical education revolutionary - he was not happy with the standard of music teaching in schools and created his own method to change it.  People fell in love with it and have been studying it ever since! 
Though he is most famous for his method, Kodály was also a composer.  Here is his beautiful "Adagio for Violin & Piano":

Adagio for Violin & Piano

I got this photo of Zoltán Kodály from this website, where you can find more fun photos of famous composers in everyday settings 😎

Musically Yours,

Miss Liz & Henrietta the Cat

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