Composer of the Week: Edvard Grieg!

The Composer of the Next Two Weeks is:

Edvard Grieg

A Norwegian composer, Grieg is probably best known for his piano concerto (hint, hint - this might be next week's post) and his Orchestral Suite, Peer Gynt.  I received some inspiration last week from a non-musician friend & had to pass along this fun, different kind of listening/watching for this week:

In the Hall of the Mountain King

by Edvard Grieg



Have you ever heard this piece before?  If yes, where?

What do you notice about the dynamics (loud & soft) of this piece?

What story would you like to compose music to?


The Spooktacular Costume Piano Recital is coming up this 

Saturday, from 3:30-5:00PM 

at the Community Music Center

There will be some fun, spooky music (listen for "In the Hall of the Mountain King"!) and refreshments afterwards.

Musically Yours,

Miss Liz & Henrietta the Cat

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