Composer of the Week: Frédéric/Fryderyk Chopin!

Chopin holds a very dear place in my heart.  

As a person, Chopin held Paris in his heart to the point that he re-spelled his name to look more Parisian (Frédéric) than his native Polish spelling (Fryderyk).  Instead of showing a picture of Chopin this week, I'll show you when I saw his grave at the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris:


Poland claims that, though Paris holds Chopin's body, they possess Chopin's heart.

(this may be folklore)

Miss Liz blowing a kiss to Chopin - Summer 2008

Miss Liz blowing a kiss to Chopin - Summer 2008

Chopin was a French-loving, Romantic Era, Polish composer.  He is often called the most pianistic composer & wrote so many works for the piano: Concerti, Preludes, Mazurkas, Nocturnes, Etudes, Polonaises, Sonatas, Impromptus, etc.  I wanted to share one of the first pieces I ever played by Chopin:

Prelude in D-flat Major (Raindrop Prelude) by Chopin



There seems to be a story in this piece with raindrops as the backdrop - what seems to happen in the middle of the piece?


What do you think this performer is thinking while he plays?


Does the main theme or beginning of the piece return at the end?


Is there another country you'd like to visit or live in like Chopin?


Have a lovely week!

Musically Yours,

Miss Liz & Henrietta the Cat

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